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Always Believe, Never Lose Faith and Keep Moving Forward

The Giving Back Show

The Giving Back Show, which is funded by the ARF, is currently on a hiatus. The ARF plans to begin broadcasting our radio show in the near future.

Autism Talks

The Autism Resource Foundation (ARF) produced and funded Autism Talks for many years. Autism Talks was broadcast from the KFNX radio station in Phoenix, AZ and was heard throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Autism Talks dealt solely with autism related topics and was a highly rated show. The ARF and the hosts (L'roy Anthony Hale, Denise Hale and John Cooper) decided to broaden their listener base by creating a radio show that promoted the entire non-profit/charitable organization communities (not solely centered on autism).

The Giving Back Show

The Giving Back Show highlights the charitable endeavors of your favorite celebrities from film, television, literature and music as well as professional athletes from your favorite sports. The Giving Back Show showcases the efforts of non-profit groups and charitable organizations from across the country; all with a different mission and unique message.

The Giving Back Show brings awareness to non-profit groups and charitable organizations; some you are familiar with, some you will be finding out about for the first time. Their impact may be of benefit to you; or maybe their efforts can be relayed to a friend, colleague or family member. The work of non-profit groups and charitable organizations are felt everywhere.

With a light hearted approach The Giving Back Show proves a quality show can be both entertaining and informative. The journey taken by The Giving Back Show will touch your heart, open your eyes, make you pause and bring a smile to your face.

No matter our background, we have a common thread, a passion for some non-profit and/or charitable effort. For some it is related to a cause, for others a disease/disorder or affliction, maybe it is faith or religion or it could be related to education or a learning institution. Our passions may be different, but the passion resides in all of us.

The Autism Resource Foundation (ARF) strongly believes that non-profit groups and charitable organizations are the backbone of our communities.

There are NO FEES to appear on The Giving Back Show. Please call 602-467-3682 or email us for more details.