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Always Believe, Never Lose Faith and Keep Moving Forward

Parent Partnering Program

The Parent Partnering Program is a collaborative effort with the Hope Group (we are currently in negotiations with other providers).  Our program provides a revenue source for parents while allowing their special need children to receive quality habilitation and respite services.

Federal and State Regulations prevent parents from being compensated from providing services to their own children.  Parents receive training to become licensed habilitation and respite providers (CPR/First Aid certification and fingerprint clearance required). 

Trained and licensed parents are partnered together and provide habilitation and respite services to each other’s special need children (usually at the same location).  Parents have a sense of security knowing their children are safe in nearby setting and receiving quality care.  Parents who have special need children are uniquely qualified to provide services because of their familiarity and compassion for autism spectrum disorders.

The parents who are partnered together build a bond that makes coping with the challenges of being a special need family easier.  The compensation for habilitation and respite providers is above average and the sense of accomplishment cannot be measured. 

Please call 602-467-3682 or email us for more details.